9 Killed In Flood Due To Typhoon In Northern Japan
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9 Killed In Flood Due To Typhoon In Northern Japan


Flood in the nursing home killed nine elderly people in northern Japan after Typhoon Lionrock dumped heavy rains. When police were checking another facility in the flooded neighborhood, they found the bodies of them at the nursing home in the town of Iwaizumi in Iwate prefecture on Wednesday. Its footage showed the nursing home partially covered in mud, bounded by wreckage apparently washed down from the mountains. A car by the home was turned upside down.

The identities and other details of the victims, including whereabouts of their caretakers, were unknown. Most of the residents in the nursing home were suffering from dementia.

2 more bodies were found in a town in Lwate, Honshu, which is main island of Japan, slammed Typhoon Lionrock on Tuesday evening, hitting an area still improving from the devastating 2011 tsunami.

The typhoon has broken through embankments causes overflowing at least two rivers that flooded areas of northern Japan. On Wednesday, the embankments gave way before dawn on the northern island of Hokkaido.

flood overview

Many people are trapped in shelters and houses in Minami-furano town by flooding from the Sorachi River. At least 3 people were injured in three northern prefectures – Aomori, Akita and Miyagi since Tuesday. Typhoon caused landfall near the city of Ofunato, 500 kilometers northeast of Tokyo. Since 1951, when the Meteorological Agency started keeping records, it’s the first time a typhoon has made landfall in the northern region. The government has sent team to help in the rescue and cleanup.

At least 10000 houses in the northern region were having power cut with power line damaged. More than 170000 people were evacuated including 38000 in Ofunato.

The earthquake and Tsunami on March’11 killed more than 18000 people, including 340 in Ofunato, in the wide swaths of Japan’s northern coast,.

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