If You Are A 90’s Kid Then These Things Will Surely Make You Miss The Time Badly...Part-1
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If You Are A 90’s Kid Then These Things Will Surely Make You Miss The Time Badly…Part-1

90's kids

If you are a 90’s kid, you probably feel pity to see today’s kids. It is said 90’s are the best decade ever. They didn’t have the coolest gadgets like today but they knew how to enjoy. Every time we look around our surroundings and wish to have a time machine to back to our childhood and escape from this smart gadget full world.

In 90’s there were no smartphones, internet, facebook, whatsapp, twitter, tablets, e-books, selfies but there was real enjoyment. Well, the time will never come back but we can remember some 90’s stuff which was the reason for our real enjoyment.

So, it’s time to be nostalgic

The old entertainment gadget

sony walkman

Remember the Sony Walkman! It was our companion whenever we travelled in the train or went outstation. We put cassettes and enjoyed our favourite music. Those 90’s memorable songs and this walkman were just perfect. Now in the era of mobile phones, it is a history now.



The 90’s kids loved to collect as many of those audio cassettes and you were the expert to fix the tapes whenever it got tangled.

Those paper boats

paper boats

Back then, monsoon meant kids were waiting to come out to the flooded streets to float paper boats. Actually, we were the expert to make those boats and enjoyed racing among friends.

The toy gun and the caps

guns and caps

You acted like a boss when you got it.

The outdoor games

outdoor games

Outdoor games like hide and seek, lock and key, pithoo, gully cricket these are a rare sight today. These days children are busy with smartphones, play station. You were waiting for the afternoon to play these outdoor games. No one can explain the excitement to play these games.

Spinning tops and marbles

spinning tops and marbles

If you didn’t play with these, your childhood was incomplete.

Video games

video game

Who can forget to play the brick games? Your childhood was incomplete without this game.



During your school days, this NATRAJ geometrical box and the NATRAJ pencil, eraser, sharpener were must have.

Film camera

film camera

The simple, old film cameras where there was no complex, no mode options. You just had to say cheese and click the button. No family outing was complete without the camera. And the excitement to see the printed photo! After clicking the photo you had to wait till the film was developed and pictures printed. Probably, 90’s was the last generation that got their pictures clicked on film.

The old telephone

old telephone

No smartphone there, the landline was the only option to connect someone. In everybody’s home, the old telephone set was a must.

Trading cards

trading cards

Collecting the cards of the WWE characters was our childhood hobby. Not only that, based on the number of wins and championships of the characters we played against our friends.

Box TV sets and antenna reception

tv and antenna

To watch your favourite TV show you had to fix the antenna pointing in the right direction and you had no problem to watch it on the curvy set. Today there are flat LCD TV sets and you can record your favourite show if you missed it or you have the option to watch it online.

The rainbow in your TV

rainbow tv

Whenever it appeared you knew there was something wrong with your TV.


slam books

Almost every school kids had this possessed treasure. This book had all the details you wanted to know about your friends; from the date of birth to what they want to be. This was actually a memory book. After school, you may have no contacts with your friends but this book reminded you about them. Now, there is Facebook for that but the cordiality is missing.

Floppy disks

floppy discs

Now it is an ancient thing no? It was a massive capacity of 1.44 MB. In that time, that capacity was enough for us. With the development of higher capacity CDs, DVDs, Pen Drives the floppy disc was nowhere to be found.

Your favourite chewing gums

chewing gums

Big Babol and Big Fun, we loved to chew it and competed with our friends to blow the largest bubble gum.

Eclairs, Mango Bite, Kismi


How could we forget those candies! No birthday party was complete without Eclairs. Mango Bite and Kismi were the treats for our taste.

Fountain Pen

fountain pen and ink

You loved to write with these pens. You even loved the smell of the ink.

That list is not ending here…apart from this stuff there were many things which we really miss nowadays.

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