If You Are A 90’s Kid Then These Things Will Surely Make You Miss The Time Badly...Part-2
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If You Are A 90’s Kid Then These Things Will Surely Make You Miss The Time Badly…Part-2

90's memories

In the previous article, we have discussed those 90’s things which we badly miss today. But the list didn’t end there.

Candy cigarettes

candy cigarrette

It was super cool…no? These candies exactly looked like cigarettes and with these, we could act like we were smoking and at the end, we ate the sweet cigarette.

Cadbury Nutties


You just wanted an excuse to buy this tasty Nutties. The taste of the chocolate cashew….just yummy. Remember how difficult it was to tear the foil sometimes?


ice pepsee

Summer and this ice-pepsee…just irresistible. This was a part of our childhood. Our parents always told us how unhygienic it was and it can cause typhoid but we never cared.

Soap bubbles

soap bubble

This was one of the best things in our childhood. Whenever we visited a fair we had to buy this and we couldn’t wait to blow these bubbles.

Fragrant erasers


This was one of our hobbies to collect different types of fragrant erasers. We didn’t use it to erase. It was our priceless collection and the fragrance…we loved it.

Camel colour pencils and water colour

colour pencil

We were all painters and to have a set of Camel colour box was like having gold jewellery. These were invaluable possessions.

Milton water bottle

water bottle

We all had this. In our childhood, whenever we were going to school our parents always assured us to carry this.

Wood clipboards



Back then, there were no fancy plastic or fibre clipboards. During exams, this wood clipboard was a saviour for cheaters. We wrote down the difficult Maths formulas and it helped to hide notes.



In every birthday parties, there must be Rasna and one glass was not enough for us. Right?

Snake game on Nokia

snake game

The first mobile game, Snake was introduced in 1997 in Nokia 6110. This was an addictive game and you didn’t mind about your sore thumbs. Nowadays, there are many mobile games we love to play but this was classic.

Book cricket

book cricket

Remember whenever you got bored during the class the saviour was you exercise book. I mean book cricket.



The tune of Doordarshan, it was lovely. You came back from school and watched the ‘Suravi’, ‘Shaktiman’ and ‘Jungle Book’.

Favourite cartoons


Duck Tales, Tom and Jerry, He-Man, Super Man, Mickie Mouse, Spider Man, Aladdin…you couldn’t wait to watch these.



Probably, this little boy was our favourite character and the title track…do I need to say more?

Disco-dancing shoes

disco-dancing shoes

Those light up sneakers…admit it these were awesome.

Tintin, Chacha Chaudhary, Archies, Champak


Comics were the valuable possession. To have all these comic books was like you were the boss.

The old coins

old coins

We used it and now these old coins are available only on e-Bay. If you have these coins till now these are only your childhood memories.

The old black switch

old switch

You can’t find this today in any one’s house except any 100-year-old house.

The advertisements


Remember the cute Jalebee kid or the Rasna girl, the Liril ad or the Cadbury ad these were the best.

Those days were simple, there was no big grandeur or demand but we 90’s kids knew how to enjoy, how to spend the beautiful afternoons. We played with our real friends, not the virtual ones. Probably, this is the reason why 90’s were the best decade. Those days were unforgettable.

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