Arrest Of Dr. Dhiman Ganguly: What Is The Actual Story?
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What Is The Actual Story Behind The Arrest Of City’s Renowned Pulmonologist Dr. Dhiman Ganguly?

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Seven days ago an eminent Kolkata pulmonologist Dr. Dhiman Ganguly was arrested for allegedly molesting a patient. According to police, the incident happened in the Phoolbagan area’s Suraksha Polyclinic.

A 21 year old mass communication student of Calcutta University complained that after she sought an appointment the doctor called her in his chamber. A source said that during the time of physical examination the doctor touched her inappropriately when no one was present in the chamber.

Debasmita Das, the DC of eastern suburban division said that the accused was arrested based on the victim’s complaint.

The accused doctor holds an MD and also has international medical training. His family said that the doctor was innocent.

The girl is from Phoolbagan. A police officer said she told her relatives that behind the closed door of the clinic the doctor behaved strangely with her, she panicked and ran out from there.

Twist and turn in the story

Dr. J.K. Samaria, Secretary of Indian Chest Society Ex-professor & Head, Department of Chest Diseases stated that he talked to the accused doctor. He came to know that Dr. Ganguly examined the girl in front of her mother and aunt.

He checked her for supra pubic tenderness for fever, cough and urinary burning to rule out any UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) as he was not convinced the possibility of chest infection as claimed by the girl. Then the girl created scene and her mother and aunt also joined that. “The rest of the story enclosed”.

Some reliable sources stated that this is simply a political game in which the doctor was the victim of revenge.

Sources said that a patient nearer to a TMC leader has been admitted in Divine Nursing home in Beleghata under Dr. Dhiman Ganguly for 13 days, some days ago before the incident happened. He said to the doctor not to charge him any fees but the doctor clearly denied. This is the case the whole incident was planned and Dr. Ganguly was framed.

Dr. Ganguly was arrested under section 354 (non bailable) and still now in police custody.

For the sake of check up sometimes doctors have to check sensitive areas of human body. Investigative officers must investigate all these things properly and also if there was any political game. Just a verbal accusation can’t prove someone is guilty. If the girl’s accusation is right then it’s fair to punish him. But if all things were planned then no one has right to violate the Indian act and punish an innocent.

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