Your Address For Peace, Visit ‘Second Wife’!
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Your Address For Peace, Visit ‘Second Wife’!


What would happen if a husband tells his first wife and goes to the second wife? There will be a quarrel and that is very natural! But that does not happen. Many times they go together in ‘Second Wife’. Sometimes the wife insists the husband to go to ‘Second Wife’. Now enough, right? All right, end of surprises!

‘The Second Wife’ is A famous restaurant of London, And the pizza out there is very famous too. But why such strange name?

The owner of the restaurant said, “That name was given just for fun. You see, generally men who go for a second marriage or a relationship with another woman, just want peace. Our restaurant is exactly the same. Everyone gets peace by coming here for the environment and food.”

Apart from pizza, the finest quality of wine is available in the restaurant. Besides, couples who came for honeymoon were given special discounts. Moreover, if a boyfriend proposes his girlfriend in the restaurant and the girlfriend says ‘yes’ for the marriage, then the food would be absolutely free.

Abhisikta Ganguly
I am an ordinary girl with extraordinary dreams which I live with to fulfill. People find me to be an upbeat, self-motivated team player. I will work until my idols become my rivals. I love adventures and love to explore the unknown from the very known thing. Besides, I love singing, writing and reading stories, listen to music and watching cartoons and movies.

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