Afgan-Attack: 24 Killed In A Bomb Explosion At Kabul
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Afgan-Attack: 24 Killed In A Bomb Explosion At Kabul

injured in the attack

A car bomb explosion hit the center of Kabul late on Monday, just a few hours later 24 people killed and 91 injured in a Taliban suicide attack near the defense ministry.

Infrequent gunfire and explosions could be heard in an area of the city near to embassies and government buildings, including the Interior Ministry. There is no immediate claim of responsibility for the attack and no word on any casualties.

explosion in Kabul

Gunmen who followed the early attack appeared to have barricaded themselves a building. Security forces cordoned off a large area in the city center.

Just a month earlier a conference in Brussels where international donors are expected to vow continued financial support to Afghanistan, the attacks highlighted the precarious defense climate in the capital.

Earlier on Monday, two blasts in quick succession tore through an afternoon crowd in a bustling area of the city close to the defense ministry. The Taliban immediately claimed the responsibility for the blast in which a suicide bomber caught security forces personnel and civilians who ran to help the victims after first explosion.

“When the first explosion happened people crowded to the site and then the second blast occurred, which was really powerful and killed lots of people,” said Samiullah Safi, who witnessed the attack.


Two senior police officers and an army general were among the dead. The deputy head of President Ashraf Ghani’s personal protection force had also been killed.

The twin bombing came less than two weeks after 13 were killed by gunmen who attacked the American University in Kabul.

It was deadliest attack in Kabul since at least 80 people were killed by a suicide bomber who targeted a demonstration on 23rd July. Islamic State claimed the responsibility for the attack.

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