Afghan Woman Beheaded For Visiting Market Without Her Husband
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Afghan Woman Beheaded For Visiting Market Without Her Husband

afghan woman beheaded

A group of armed men in Afghanistan reportedly beheaded a woman after she entered a city without her husband.

The horrible incident occurred on Monday in the remote northern Afghanistan village of Larri in Sar-e pul province which is under Taliban control.

Zabiullah Amani, the provincial government spokesperson said the 30-year-old woman was beheaded for visited the city alone without her husband who is currently in Iran. Amani said the couple had no children.

According to the reports, the woman was going to the market to shop.

Sar-e pul head of women’s affair, Nasima Arezo said to The Nation, “The woman was beheaded with a bayonet attached to an AK-47 after an argument with Taliban in her remote village, which is part of the provincial capital.”

But Taliban rejected their involvement in this incident.

Under the Taliban rule, women are forbidden from leaving their house without a close male relative. They are also prohibited from education, working and forced to wear the burqa.

Earlier this month, unknown gunmen killed five Afghan women guards. They were working at the airport in southern Kandahar.

A spokesman for the governor of Kandahar, Samim Khpulwak said the five women were hired by a private security company. They were in charge of searching female travelers at the Kandahar airport. Samim stated two gunmen on a motorbike followed their van and opened fire on them and killing them and their driver.

The Taliban had banned girls from attending schools and women from working between 1996 and 2001. Though the Afghan women struggled hard for their rights, particularly in education and employment since the collapse of Taliban regime in 2001, there are growing threats that these could reverse with the worsening of security and increase in violence.

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