4 Killed And 15 Injured In An Explosion At The Largest US Military Base, Afghanistan
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Afghanistan Attack: 4 Killed And 15 Injured In An Explosion At The Largest US Military Base

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At least 4 people killed and 15 injured in a blast inside the largest US military base in Afghanistan on Saturday morning. NATO said Taliban claimed the responsibility.

This explosion inside the secured US military base highlighted the worsening security situation, almost two years after NATO formally ended their combat operation in Afghanistan. The identities of the deceased have not determined yet.

In a statement, NATO said, “An explosive device was detonated on Bagram Airfield resulting in multiple casualties. Four people have died in the attack and approximately 14 have been wounded.” Medical teams rushed to the spot to treat the injured.

Bagram district governor Abdul Shokor Qoudosi said the explosion took place when the Afghan workers were getting ready to start their job at the base.

A government representative of Parwan province, Waheed Sediqi stated a suicide attacker exploded the bomb. The attacker blew himself inside the base. He told the AFP, the identities of the victims were still unknown but it was suspected that the attacker was one of the Afghan labourers working there.

The top US and NATO commander in Afghanistan, John Nicholson offered condolence to the victim’s families, “To the family and friends of those who lost their lives today, we share your loss and our thoughts are with you. We offer you our deepest condolences.”

He assured the families that they would receive the best care. “For the family and friends of those wounded in today’s attack, let me assure you they are receiving the best care possible, and we will keep them in our thoughts today.”

Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid claimed that the group was behind the attack inside Bagram. He said the group inflicted “heavy casualties on US invaders”.

The Bagram Airfield is a frequent Taliban attack zone.

In 2015, December, near Afghanistan’s largest US military base, a motorcycle riding Taliban suicide bomber killed six US soldiers. It was one of the deadliest terrorist attacks on foreign troops.

Some days ago, a powerful Taliban truck bomb hit the German consulate in Afghanistan’s northern Mazar-i-Sharif city which killed 6 people and injured more than 100.

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