Afghans Burn Pakistani Flag; Afghan-Pak Border Shut In Chamen
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Afghans Burn Pakistani Flag; Afghan-Pak Border Shut In Chamen

afghan-pakistan border

The Friendship Gate at Afghan-Pakistan at Chaman, the capital of Qilla Abdullah district of Balochistan in Pakistan border has been closed after protesters of Afghanistan burnt Pakistan’s national flag. Demonstrators hurled stones at the gate and smashed windowpanes at many government departments.

According to sources, hundreds of Afghans gathered in front of Friendship Gate to celebrate their 97th Independence Day and shouted anti-Pakistani slogans. The protesters carried placards and banners that had slogans against Pakistan.

The incident occurred when Pakistani nationals protested against Indian PM Narendra Modi’s remark on Balochistan. The Afghans were furious by the protest and they showed their support for India by disrespecting the Pakistani flag, they burnt it. An official said that they prompted authorities to deploy additional security troops and for an indefinite period shut the gate.

The consequence of the protest made long queues of lorries and trucks on both sides of the border. Traders suffered much as their supplies of essential items have been interrupted badly. This also affected supplies to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Nato) forces in Afghanistan.

A trader who runs his dried fruit business in Chaman, Kamaluddin stated that fresh fruits and other goods could not enter Chaman from Pakistan “while the same situation exists at the Pakistani side”.

After deadly clashes with Afghan forces in June Pakistan had closed the Torkham border crossing in the north- west. After talks between high officials of the two countries the border was later reopened.

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