Aftab Used To Talk Over Cellphone In Jail With Hassan
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Main Conspirator Of American Center Attack, Aftab Used To Talk Over Cellphone In Jail

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Both of their names are involved in a deadly crime. One who escaped were Aurangbad as a small businessman and the other is the prisoner of Presidency jail in Kolkata. But they talked over phone any time on a regular basis. The investigating officers were surprised after knowing this.

The first person is Hassan Immam and the other is Aftab Ansari. Fourteen years ago, Aftab was condemned in American Center attack in Kolkata and was ordered life imprisonment. Hasan has been charged as a conspirator on the same case caught at Aurangabad on Saturday. He gave the news of talking over phone with Aftab during his absconding. But how he managed to avoid the eyes of the police, that is to worry about!

“We can’t say, how dangerous it is!” penance of a senior officer. They understand well, not only with his Pakistani relatives, he contacted regularly with his old gang (Asif Reja Commando Force) member Hassan. The detectives did not have any ignition. But beside the prison authorities the intelligence were supposed to monitor on Aftab as well. A sign of extreme negligence!

Aftab Ansari                                                                               Source:Anadabazar

Intelligence sources claimed, It would be clear what Aftab and Hassan were used to talk about after interrogating Hassan. It is known that Aftab was connecting with his old associates via Hassan. Some of them may have been involved in a conspiracy to attack American Center. The possibility of a hazardous can’t be ruled out. Investigators says that from different sources they got a news of Aftab’s planning to escape from the jail. Lalbazar wants to be sure 100 percent whether Hassan plays a role in the escape mission of Aftab.

Gujrat police sources said, after the American center attack on 22nd January, 2002, Hasan pretend hide himself but avoided direct collaboration with terrorists. One detective of Lalbazar said, “He didn’t attack the American center directly either. He was in charge of lodging attackers, arrangement of motorcycles etc. We will see that if he has further intension of doing that.”

When taken to the Bankshal court on Tuesday Hassan was ordered to stay in police custody till October15.

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