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FANTASTIC FESTIVALS – Agitagueda Art Festival, Portugal

Agitagueda art festival

Every year, in the month of July, hundreds of colorful umbrellas float above some selected streets in Agueda, Portugal. When looking up from the ground, it seems that the umbrellas are floating all on their own like colored balloons in the festive sky. Just three years ago the first umbrellas ever were hoisted above popular streets as part of the ongoing Agitagueda Art Festival. Surprisingly, it became an instant hit and since then it has become a tradition. In fact, the umbrella shaded streets has become so popular that, today Agueda Art Festival has become internationally famous.

Agitagueda art festival 02
Agitagueda art festival

Every year, in the month of July, as a part of Ágitagueda art festival, hundreds of colourful umbrellas are hung over the promenades in the streets of Águeda.  The bright colours of the umbrellas create a festive mood and boost up the spirits of the people. Apart from creating a vibrant splash of colour to the otherwise plain and ordinary streets, the installation also creates a much needed shade from the scorching heat of the cruel sun. The streets shaded by umbrellas and the arena of the art festival, both are very conveniently located near to the heart of the city, along with the convenient stores, cafes, and restaurants.

Agitagueda art festival 03
Agitagueda art festival

The art group, responsible for providing and arranging the intriguing umbrella display, goes by the name, Sextafeira Producoesis. Every year the team thinks up ways to change the scenery a little bit, to give it a different touch. Undoubtedly, the Ágitagueda art festival is a stupendous collaboration of creativity and intelligence.

Agitagueda art festival 04
Agitagueda art festival

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