Aliens Have Never Visited Earth – Says NASA Moonwalker Alan Bean
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Aliens Have Never Visited Earth – Says NASA Moonwalker Alan Bean


Since childhood we heard many stories about aliens, in fact, we imagined aliens truly came to our Earth quite a few times. Many also claimed about UFO sightings. In this topic, many movies were made, many books were written. Also, the alien hunters have been looking for signs of the alien lives.

But NASA moonwalker Alan Bean has a different theory on this matter. He said that the aliens never paid a visit to the Earth.

The former NASA astronaut told Australia’s, “I do not believe that anyone from outer space has ever visited the Earth.”

He believes that the extraterrestrials never paid a visit to the Earth because the “Civilizations that are more advanced are more altruistic and friendly — like Earth, which is better than it used to be — so they would have landed and said, ‘We come in peace and we know from our studies you have cancer that kills people, we solved that problem 50 years ago, here’s the gadget we put on a person’s chest that will cure it, we will show you how to make it.'”

He explained Earth’s civilisation is one of the advanced civilisations and it has come far in the terms development. He added someday we would travel to another star and teach the alien civilisation how to cure cancer and birth defects.

But he believes there are potential lives in the universe. “There are so many billions of stars and these stars have planets around them so there must be statistically many planets around many stars that have formed life.”

He said maybe some of them are like what we were in 100,000 years ago, some of them are like what we are now and some of them maybe what we will be in the future, 10,000 years after from where we are now.

Bean was an Apollo 12 astronaut and one of only 12 humans who has walked on the moon. He has logged 1,671 hours and 45 minutes in space of which 10 hours and 26 minutes have been on the moon.

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