Terror Attack: Gunfire Killed At Least 10 and injured 16 In Munich
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Another Terror Attack Shattered England; Gunfire Killed At Least 10 In Munich


Germany’s major city, Munich witnessed rampant shooting which claimed at least 10 lives and more than 16 were injured at a shopping mall. Police said it was a ‘suspected terror’ attack. The gunman was in a black outfit and with a handgun; he started constant firing towards the public.

Afterward, cops recognized the gunman who was just 18 years old, was with a dual nationality, German and Iranian. The officers later found out that the gunman shot himself after the rampage.

Police discovered a body around 1km away from the shooting spot and they believed it was the body of the attacker who killed himself after the massacre at a Munich shopping centre. According to the Munich Police Chief, Hubertus Andrae, at least 16 people were in the hospital including the children and three of them were in critical condition. As a result, public transport systems and several roads of Munich were shut off.

According to a police representative, the firing was started at 6 pm (local time) at McDonald’s restaurant and then the gunman continued his mass attack on a nearby street. The attacker moved into a shopping mall, Olympia Einkaufszentrum (OEZ) mall, near the Olympic stadium. The shopping centre was encircled by police helicopters and armed forces. Shoppers rushed off in the street, some carried their children and emergency vehicles were seen in the streets.

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An officer stated that one attacker has fled to a nearby metro station. The police officers hadn’t confirmed the exact death toll. It’s not confirmed yet from which terrorist outfit he belonged. In a tweet, Munich cops alerted to stay away from the neighborhood around the shopping mall, OEZ and they recommended people to stay at their home, turn on the TV and radio.

Earlier, it was suspected that three gunmen were involved in the Munich massacre. An eyewitness, Luan Zequiri who was near the spot when the bloodshed occurred said that he saw only one gunman; he had a backpack and wore boots. He shouted “an anti-foreigner slur”. Later in a video, it showed a gunman stood on the rooftop car park of the shopping mall and engaged in a furious shouting match with an onlooker where he shouted ‘I am German’.  The gunman identified as 18 years old Ali Sonboly, a son of a taxi driver who is helping the police now.

Munich city hospitals are on emergency alert. Munich’s central stations, bus network services and underground services were suspended. Though police announced that city’s transport system had been re-opened.

The shopping centre, OEZ is near the Olympic Stadium where in 1972 Olympic Games 11 Israeli athletes were killed by a Palestinian terrorist group Black September. The supporters of IS tweeted in social media “Thank God, may God bring prosperity to our Islamic Statemen (sic).” Further they tweeted, “The Islamic state is expanding in Europe”.

The whole world is suffering from the constant terror attacks. After five days of Balton Rouge attack again England was tormented by another terror attack. No one knows when these killer attacks will be stopped and how more lives will be sacrificed.

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