Anti-Suicide Ceiling Fan To Prevent Suicide By Hanging
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Anti-Suicide Ceiling Fan To Prevent Suicide By Hanging


Want to commit suicide by hanging from ceiling fan? That’s not possible anymore! That is because anti-suicide ceiling fan rod has been made up. If you will hang yourself with a rope you will fall to the ground.

Mumbai’s Malad resident Sharad Asani have made this special rod after his 12 years of research. He started thinking about it after model Nafisa Joseph committed suicide in 2004. He have already to started manufacturing of this safety rods in his own factory.

As per the report of National Crime Record Bureau, Each year, around 1 million 3 thousand people commit suicide, in which 60 thousand people commit suicide by hanging from ceiling fan.

Asani claimed that with the creation of the ceiling fan with the safety rod, many people can be saved. He has already applied for the patent of his invention. His claim is that this rod contains a spring and it will drop the suicider without any casualty.

He has already made 100 safety rods. His company is able to manufacture 10 thousand safety rods in a month. Asani has given safety rods free to the city hostels. He has applied to the ceiling fan manufacturer companies to use these safety rods.

You just need to spend Rs250 and you’ll get the safety rod.

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