Arrested After Eating Three French Fries
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Arrested After Eating Three French Fries

french fries

Stingy! Or strong?

We don’t know what will be an appropriate title for this diverse police officer. You can give one!

Well, the incident happened at an Italian Pizza Kitchen in Washington DC – less than two miles from the White House at 9.45 pm.

An allegedly drunk maryland woman was arrested after reportedly stealing french fries from a Washington D.C. police officer.

The woman sat down next to the police officer and tried to start a conversation. The officer was eating dinner at that time. The woman (26) allegedly approached the officer and ate one of his fries. The police officer asked her to stop, but she took another. The officer repeated his word angrily that she discontinue taking his chips, warning her that she was stealing from him and she could be arrested. The woman then called the officer bluff and snatched one more fry and was arrested.

She was arrested for second degree theft.

Mind this next time when you want fries from an unknown, specially from a police officer! Remember, “police e chhule atharo ghaa!” (18 hits after touching by a police)

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