Artificial Eggs Made Of Plastic Sold In Kolkata Market!
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Artificial Eggs Made Of Plastic Sold In Kolkata Market!


In what could be termed as a case of food scandal and posing serious health risks to consumers, ‘artificial eggs’ made out of plastic have been found selling in the markets of Kolkata. This has led to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to order an investigation into it.

The sale of dangerous eggs came to light after a woman lodged a general diary with the Karaya police station alleging that plastic eggs are being sold in the market. Kumar discovered the eggs were artificial when she cracked open a few of the fake eggs.

The KMC Mayor said on Thursday that the Kolkata Municipal Corporation has ordered an investigation into the alleged sale of ‘artificial eggs’ in the city markets. The civic body has asked police and municipal officials to check all municipal markets flooded with artificial eggs in Kolkata.


“These eggs are being sold in the Tiljala market. As soon as I got to know about the complaint, I let the police know so that we can carry out checks of all municipal markets. I have also received some documentary evidence,” KMC Mayor Sovan Chatterjee said.

According to Anita Kumar, the ‘fake egg’ had a strange ‘plastic-like quality’ when it was spread out on a pan. “I tested my suspicion by putting a match to it and it caught fire. The shell also looked plastic. I was sure that this was not natural and, being a mother, I felt I should alert the public,” Anita said.

Chatterjee added that they are taking a very cautious step and that the officers will run a check at market places and poultry firms.

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