Aunt Kills Her 8-year-old Nephew In Kolkata, Got Arrested By The Police
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Aunt Kills Her 8-year-old Nephew In Kolkata, Got Arrested By The Police


An 8-year-old, a student of class 2 at JD School, was murdered at Garden Reach area with a sharp weapon by his aunt, who is suffering from severe depression.

The accused, Jyotsna Bibi, was arrested for killing Abdul Rakib Molla when he was sleeping inside a room of their house at Panchpara Road of Rajabagan. She used a sharp vegetable-cutting object to cut the windpipe of the child around 1 am in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.

“The incident probably took place after midnight when the woman attacked the boy in his sleep, injuring him. The boy was rushed to SSKM hospital but was declared dead on arrival,” an officer of Kolkata Police Detective Department said.

According to Rakib’s father Abdul Malik Molla, a women’s garment manufacturer and exporter, his sister Jyotsna was sleeping with his son on the first floor of his residence.

“My wife Sanwara Bibi and my younger daughter was sleeping along with me in another room. We were under a lot of stress as my mother is still admitted at CMRI Hospital with chest pain. The rest of my family had just returned after attending a relative’s wedding. It was around 1 am when I heard my son scream out and then there was pin drop silence. My brother Abdul Khalid Molla was the first to react and knock at my sister’s door. By then she had locked the room from inside and refused to open up,” said Malik.


The rest of the family members managed to convince Jyotsna to open the door. “What we saw inside left us stunned. Rakib was lying on the bed and blood was all over his neck and bedsheet. My sister was still holding a boti in her hand. We rushed Rakib to the hospital and informed police. But my sister withdrew in to a shell and refused to speak a word,” claimed Malik

The boy with deep injuries was rushed to SSKM Hospital where he was declared brought dead.

Jyotsna was staying at the residence of his brother for the last 4 months. She was initially a mental patient but the family has claimed that she had recovered before her marriage. So about four months ago, she came to his brother’s residence after her husband disowned her claiming she was still a mental patient. Jyotsna has been undergoing psychological treatment at Antara Hospital in Baruipur of South 24 Parganas.

The family said that the victim Rakib instant took a liking for his aunt. “They would stay together at night and discuss school. Initially, Jyotsna’s mother spent the night with the two but after she fell ill four days ago, the victim and her aunt stayed in the room alone. I still cannot understand why she hurt Rakib,” said Malik while breaking down. Sanwara could hardly speak: “It is my fault that I allowed him to stay alone with his aunt,” she kept wailing.

Jyotsna was arrested on murder charge under Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code after his brother lodged a complaint. A homicide section team of the detective department of the city police inspected the room and seized the knife.

The police said that the entire night Jyotsna refused to cooperate with police ever since her arrest. “But from Wednesday morning, she is only searching for Rakib and breaking in to sobs,” said an officer.

The boy’s body was handed over to his parents after the post mortem. “We will provide the necessary psychiatric help to the accused as required,” said DC (Port) Sudeep Sarkar.

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