Australian Woman Locks Her 14 Cats Which End Up Eating Each Other
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Australian Woman Locks Her 14 Cats Which End Up Eating Each Other

surviving cat

An Australian woman has been convicted of animal cruelty. The 43-year-old woman abandoned her 14 cats inside her house for so long that they ended up eating each other.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) found 13 dead cats and one emaciated survivor at her house in September, 2015. The woman abandoned her cats when she left her Woodville West property in Adelaide, South Australia.

When inspectors came to the house last year they found 13 of the cats were dead, only one was surviving and he was badly emaciated.

Yesterday, the woman was convicted in the Port Adelaide Magistrates Court. She was placed on a 12-month good behaviour bond and banned from owning animals.

Chief inspector Andrea Lewis said this was a “heartbreaking” case for the staffs who had to witness the carnage. “The remains of the other 13 cats were spread throughout the house. It was a devastating sight.” The officer added that the surviving cat named Trooper had recovered and sent to another home.

Lewis told, “He has made a great recovery. He’s a much loved member of their family.”

cat faeces
Cat faeces litters the house

The video footage recorded by the RSPCA showed that the house was totally trashed including animal faeces.

Lewis said if the pet owners could not take care of their animals they should contact their family, friends, neighbours and seek help to the local council or send them to an animal shelter. “You simply cannot abandon animals. You have a responsibility for their wellbeing.”

She added, “People should just never walk away and leave their animals. Everyone has a legal obligation to look after animals in their care.”

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