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Man Jumps Off To Death After His Wife Gets Detected With Cancer


A 52-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of a three-storied Regent Park residential complex in South Kolkata on Monday morning. He lived there with his wife at N.N. Dutta Road area under Regent Park Police Station. Cops suspected, Sanjay Mandal, a security guard, acted out of desperation as

Eating Dark Chocolate Can Protect Your Brain From Ageing


Eating dark chocolate may protect your brain from age-related stress and inflammation that are thought to play an important role in the neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease. The beneficial effects of consuming dark chocolate were seen in people’s memory, researchers told. Oxidative stress and inflammation increase with aging and are

3rd World War Is In The Month Ahead!


There are only a few days to go for 3rd World War. Third World War will start from May 13, 2017. The claim was given by the resident of Texas in America, self-proclaimed "angel of God", Horachio Vegas. He claimed that the World War will continue for five months. And

Your Address For Peace, Visit ‘Second Wife’!


What would happen if a husband tells his first wife and goes to the second wife? There will be a quarrel and that is very natural! But that does not happen. Many times they go together in ‘Second Wife’. Sometimes the wife insists the husband to go to ‘Second Wife’.

2 Homosexuals Get Married In Nigeria


Marriage among homosexual is forbidden in Nigeria. But two Nigerian homosexuals get married by showing a finger to the law. More than 53 homosexuals were also appeared on the wedding ceremony. That made the country frustrated. Police have arrested the two just after knowing the incident. As usual, the two

NASA Develops 3D-Printed Fabrics For Use In Space


A team of scientists at NASA has blended the essence of fashion and engineering to produce a new fabric to use in space. The 3D-printed metal fabric could be used as a shield for spacecraft from meteorites, astronaut spacesuit, capturing objects on the surface of another planet and also as an