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5 Tips to Achieve Healthy and Shiny Hair

When you talk about achieving healthy and shiny hair; there are all kinds of advice that one can follow. Coconut oil, Moroccan Oil, Hair spa, split end treatment, hot oil treatment and whatnot. Honestly, it’s a bafflement squad out here. No one knows for sure what does the trick right for healthy and

What Do Millennials Want in a New Home

Millennials basically refer to the people who were born between 1980 and 2000. This age group includes people who have just begun their teenage to those who are towards the end of their youth. Recent studies have shown that this demographic includes 92 million people that are a large number. Using this large customer

Factors Redefining Luxury Housing in Bengal

Factors redefining lixury hotels in bengal

Luxury housing has reached great heights in Bengal. This is epitomized by the fact that many people from the middle class have begun investing in luxury housing in West Bengal. Being the capital, most of these luxury housing projects are located in Kolkata. Kolkata is truly the City of Joy. Once the Second City of