Bad Side Of Selfie: Baby Dolphin Killed BY Selfie-Seeking Tourists
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Bad-Side Of Selfie: Baby Dolphin Killed By Selfie-Seeking Tourists


A baby dolphin in Argentina has been killed after being mobbed by the tourists looking for the perfect selfie.

According to La Capital newspaper of Argentina, a group of tourist grabbed the dolphin from the waters of San Bernardo which was located around 200 miles south of Buenos Aires. A blurry YouTube video shows a crowd of people standing and kneeling around the small creature, touching and petting it.

An eyewitness told the newspaper that atrocity was committed by a larger group of tourists who surrounded the dolphin and didn’t seem concerned for the animal’s well-being while taking photos. Following their selfie session, the dolphin was left stranded and was reportedly still breathing when the perpetrators told the eyewitness that the animal was already dead and left the scene.

The paper quotes a woman called, Claudia, who said that after the photos were taken and fun was had, “they left it for dead.” She added that they could have put it back to water, where it belongs. But, instead, she said they were more interested in touching it and taking selfies.

Another eyewitness said the same thing, “They let him die. He was young and came to the shore. They could have returned him to the water—in fact, he was breathing. But everyone started taking photos and touching him. They said he was already dead.”

The YouTube video showed several beach goers around the baby dolphin and no one seemed to show concern for it to survive.

Argentinean authority has yet to comment on the incident.

This wasn’t the first time in Argentina that tourists killed a dolphin for a selfish purpose. Last February, a man dragged a rare Franciscana dolphin out of the water for the same reason and did a similar result. The tiny body of the dolphin was then left discarded on the sand of Santa Teresita, Argentina.

Humans just can’t help wanting to take selfies with animals, regardless of the risk to themselves or to the animals.

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