Bali Boat Blast Kills 2 People And Injured 19 Others
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Bali Boat Blast Kills 2 People And Injured 19 Others


On Thursday, an Indonesian and A dutch died and 19 other foreigners were injured when a ferry carrying 35 foreigners exploded between the Indonesian resort islands of Bali and Lombok.

The blast happened just after 9.30 am local time just when they left Padang Bai port in eastern Bali.

Made Sudana, Bali police spokesman said, “It seems there was some sort of explosion on the boat, so there was an emergency with the engine.”


The cause of the explosion on the speedboat was not instantly clear and the bomb squad had been set up to investigate. Indonesia has a poor maritime safety record and there have been similar incidents in the past where no foul play was detected.

There are channels who said a woman thought to be a German was dead in the explosion. She was killed in the boat, that was heading for the nearby holiday island of Gili Trawangan and police is still verifying her identity.

According to the preliminary information, the injured passengers included citizens of Britain, South Korea, Germany, Portugal, Australia. Two were Dutch and four were Portuguese among the dead. One passenger among the injured, had lost both feet and two had broken both legs. The Indonesian skipper and three crew members were uninjured.


The injured have been taken to hospitals in Denpasar in 14 ambulances.

The UK foreign office said it was assisting British holidaymakers affected by the explosion.

The Indonesian archipelago of more than 17,000 islands is heavily dependent on ferry services but the industry has a poor safety record and deadly accidents are common.

Last June, 25 passengers, including four Australians, were injured in a fire on a fast ferry, which was carrying 125 passengers including tourists, traveling between Lombok and Bali.

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