Pakistan Forces Are Engaged In Tsunami Of Human Rights Violations
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Balochistan Leader Brahumdagh Bugti: “Pak Forces Are Engaged In Tsunami Of Human Rights Violations”

Brahumdagh Bugti

On the day of tenth martyrdom anniversary of Balochistan leader Shaheed Nawab Akbar Bugti his grandson and president of the Baloch Republican Party, Brahumdagh Bugti said Pakistani forces are engaged in a “tsunami of human rights violation” in Balochistan.

He said, “Pak forces are engaged in tsunami of human rights violations. We do not want to live with Pakistan anymore.” He demanded a referendum of Baloch people under the supervision of the United Nations. He urged help from international community including NATO countries, India, US and Israel for Balochistan’s freedom fight against Pakistani militants. He alleged that in Pakistan it is the genocide of the Baloch people and for the last seven decades Balochistan, Pakistan’s largest province has been under illegal occupation.

balochistan protest

The Switzerland based Baloch leader thanked PM Narendra Modi for raising the Balochistan issue in his recent speech. He said in the last seven decades PM Modi’s speech was the “most powerful statement”. Bugti asserted that this was for the first time that an Indian Prime Minister has raised this topic and for this he indebted to him. But India “should have taken this step a long time ago”.

He said, “We want to solve this with peaceful means. But there is no way we are going to be part of the Pakistan any more. We want freedom of Pakistan.” Bugti averred he is ready to negotiate with Pakistan government.

For the martyrdom anniversary of the former Baloch leader, Baloch Republican Party (BRP) had ceased strikes and events all across the world including Balochistan, the United Kingdom and European States. Party Chief Bugti, other activists and a large number of German citizens participated in the events and paid tribute to him for his sacrifices and struggle for an independent Balochistan.

In 2006 the Pakistani army killed Bugti. For the autonomy of Balochistan he involved in an armed battle with Pakistan. The Pakistan government accused him of keeping his own militant group and leading a guerrilla war against Pakistan.

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