Bank Closed, ATM's Not Working, Attempts Suicide In Lack Of Money And Vandalism
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Bank Closed, ATM’s Not Working, Attempts Suicide In Lack Of Money And Vandalism

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Bank was closed. ATMs were losing links frequently. Customers, who came to withdraw money from ATM on Monday were became harassed thus. Even if there was link, there was no money. It was out of stock. People were running throughout the day in search of a ATM, where some money will be available. People got angry without money and vandalized ATMs. A blind man, who couldn’t redeem money in Kultoli bank, tried suicide.

Like the other days, most of the ATMs were close yesterday. Ere, we can withdraw money any time we wanted in the 24 hours. Now, the ATM are closed during most of the day. Hand-written notice has been hanging in front of the ATM, ‘there’s no money’. And sometime, ‘service not available.’ However, in front of most closed ATMs, there were long line. People waited long, for money, in case, if. After waiting a few hours, some received money and some had to return empty-handed.

4 days from Thursday to Sunday, bank was opened. Still, all had to be harassed in search of money. The problem increased when banks were closed yesterday. On behalf of the banks, however, said ATM was open due to supply of 100 rupee was relatively higher, there was more money relatively.

However, in the last few days, like the other states across the country, only 10 percent of the ATM was opened in this state. The percentage has increased slightly from 30 to 35 this day. But that didn’t manage to end the problems.

Banks said that on today, Tuesday and Wednesday, the new 500 rupee note can be found in Kolkata and the surrounding districts.

Rajen Nagar, president of All India Bank Employees Association said additional 100 rupee notes were given to the ATMs as the banks were closed on Monday. Sometimes, money had been filled several times. However, throughout the country, including West Bengal, most of the ATMs are closed. As a result, common people didn’t get benefited much. People in urban areas may have some benefit. But the people of the rural areas were in the same, may be worst. Nagar said that it is to understand on Tuesday what the situation is.

According to the bank employees organization, the pressure will reduce if the 5oo rupee note comes from the Reserve Bank within Tuesday or Wednesday. In that case, 100 rupee counting and related some of the problems can be solved. Otherwise, customer issues will not decrease. Problems of the bank stuffs will gradually increase as well. They commented that the amount of money that is coming is considerably lower than the demand. And people couldn’t be able to use the 2000 rupee note, the problem is the money to redeem.

On Monday, some people had vandalized ATM in anger at Howrah Liluah after not getting any money. They we angry because the ATM wasn’t filled with money once in 5 days.

People related to transportation is also having the problem. It have been problem for them to drive as petrol pumps refuses to take old 500 and 1000 notes. President of The National Federation of Road Transport Workers of the All India, Naolkishore Srivastava sent a letter to PM Narendra Modi requesting that the petrol pumps to take old notes till 31st December.

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