Bansal Tragedy: Delhi Commission For Women Issues Notice To CBI
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Bansal Tragedy: Delhi Commission For Women Issues Notice To CBI

swati maliwal

The Delhi Commission for Women issued a notice on Thursday to the CBI, demanding a probe into Bansal suicide case. Swati Maliwal, the women’s panel chief sought details about the action which has been taken in the matter.

She said that a notice has been issued to CBI director Anil Kumar Sinha and asked him for an ‘unbiased’ investigation.

On Tuesday, former Director General of Corporate Affairs BK Bansal who was facing inquiry in a corruption case and his son Yogesh hanged themselves at their residence. Two months ago his wife and daughter too attempted suicide and hanged themselves. In their suicide notes they alleged CBI harassment.

In the suicide note of Mr. Bansal he claimed two women officers, a senior CBI officer and ‘fat’ CBI agent had tormented his wife and daughter.

Ms Maliwal said that a notice was sent to the CBI director to know the details about the action which will be taken against the CBI officers named on the suicide notes. “Are they going to register an FIR? We want details about how they are going to conduct a transparent inquiry in the matter since the notes name a senior politician and high-ranking CBI officer.”

She asserted that the Commission also asked the CBI if they conducted narco-tests on the accused officers whose names have been explored in the suicide note.

Bansal in his suicide note named senior DIG officer Sanjeev Gautam and other two female officers along with a officers who played a crucial role in torturing his family.

He wrote two female CBI officers Rekha Sangwan and Amrita Kaur slapped his wife and tortured her on July 18 and 19. “DIG Gautam later asked one of the lady officers to torture my wife and daughter to an extent that both of them were just left to die.”

She further said that the suicide notes of MR. Bansal and his wife raised many question on CBI actions. “We are not passing judgment on whether he was corrupt or not, but we want answers from the CBI.”

CBI issued a statement claimed that they will investigate the matter and if any violation is proved then a strict action will be taken against those CBI officers.

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