Bihar Consumes Rasgulla Instead Of Alcohol!
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Bihar Consumes Rasgulla Instead Of Alcohol!


Bihar has really changed! The people of Bihar now eats Rasgulla instead of drinking alcohol. Can you imagine that? Biharis and without alcohol? You think I’m joking? Nope! This extreme situation has claimed by Chief Minister of Bihar, Nitish Kumar. And of course the sale of milk has increased as a result, he said.

Alcohol has been prohibited in the last seven months in Bihar. Since then, the demand for milk has increased. Milk sales increased 11% in the seven months. And rasagulla, you ask? Now it’s sale has increased to 26% than before. Pera, cheese, buttermilk- all demand and sales have increased significantly.

Kumar claimed as a result of decreasing sale of alcohol, crime rates has reduced. Road accidents are greatly reduced. People who used to drink alcohol, faced problem at the beginning. But today, many of them understand how they walked toward death. Thanks to their family, they highlighted the harmful effects of alcohol more. The government had to take strict action. But much of consciousness has returned.

Well well! I’d say good luck may be, or Should I?

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