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Billionaire at 33: How? Read To Know!


He is only 33 years old and just a class-viii passed man and he is a billionaire. If you thinks this article is about how to be a billionaire at your 30s, you’re wrong. The article is about the man who become billionaire at the age of 33. How? Here come the details!

Yo may be thinking of wining a lottery or ‘koun banega krorepati’, but no! This man, Sujoy Biswas of Bagda village has one billion in his bank account just by trafficked women in different states for sex trade.

A few days ago, after rescuing a Bangladeshi girl and a woman from a locked room, police came to know the name of Sujoy. And then he was arrested.

Investigating police officer of Uday temple police station, Madan Beniwal claimed that his Bangladeshi girlfriend was arrested from Jodhpur before Sujoy. Both are involved in the international women and children smuggling cycle. Both has plead guilty in interrogation. Sujoy said that he became billionaire just by selling women. In the last six months, nearly 35 lakh of transaction was made from his bank account. Sujoy’s family, however, claimed he had been framed.

Sujoy's house
Sujoy’s house

Sujoy lived at Laksmipur village, Bagda block in North 24 parganas. The village is cut off from the main town. The narrow Kapotaksha river on three sides and Shahajadpur village of bangladesh on the other side of the river. Sujoy with his family lives in one of two or three single-storey brick houses in their village. Its difficult to think that a billionaire’s house in naked eyes.

Sources from Uday temple police station said that a few days earlier Police received a call from a local place. It said that girls screaming were heard from a locked room. After police broke the lock and rescued a 14-year old girl and 18-year old girl they came to know that they are from Bangladesh. Nandini brings them by temping job at first in West Bengal and then Rajasthan in traffick. Police found a bank account, named Sujuoy Biswas from the room.

Uday temple police have already known Nandini’s name according to a three-year-old girl kidnapping case, a few months ago. Then she could not arrested. After inquiring her, police knew the address of Sujoy’s house.

Many neighbors could not believe that ‘Toko’ (sujoy’s nickname) charged with trafficking women. His mother said, “Many people who work outside the village as quack doctor or contract workers, send money via Sujoy’s account to their family.” Sujoy’s wife did not want to talk about it any further.

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