BJP Mocks Mamata Banerjee: “She Has Become A Comical Figure”
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BJP Mocks Mamata Banerjee: “She Has Become A Comical Figure”

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The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) mocked West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Saturday that the CM has become a comical figure after her comment against Prime Minister Narendra Modi. She said the PM should go and a new national government should be formed at the Centre.

BJP leader S. Prakash said to ANI, “She has become a comical figure these days. It is ridiculous on her part to attack without any basis on any issue. It is her MPs that are indulged in large scale corruption like in Sharda Chit scam and Rose Valley scam.” He averred that every day the TMC leader has chosen new tamasha and drama to attack BJP on the same demonetisation issue.

He further said Ms Banerjee has lost her credibility and relevance in Indian politics. Earlier she said, “In current situation, a national government should be formed with another BJP person at the helm. He (Modi) has to go.”

Mamata remarked that a national government should be formed to save the country as the current situation (demonetisation) is unacceptable. She also appealed to President Pranab Mukherjee to save the nation by setting up a new government as the ruling government is unable to rule the Centre.

“Hallabazi is going on by this government. I appeal to the President to save us as no government can bulldoze on people like this. I want a new government to be set up to save the country from this situation for two and half years. I will still say this. I am not afraid of the Prime Minister even if he cuts my neck,” she said.

The BJP also accused the TMC government in West Bengal of indulging in “appeasement politics” that has resulted in the rise of “communal tension”.

On January 9, Mamata will protest against the demonetisation outside the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) office in Kolkata and on January 10 and 11 in the national capital. She also said she would launch a 72-hour protest in 10 states including Delhi.

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