Bomb Blast in Turkey Police Station Killed 11 Police
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Bomb Blast in Turkey Police Station Killed 11 Police

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A suicide truck bombing at turkey’s southern east city, Cizre police headquarter killed at least 11 and injured many more including 2 in critical condition on Friday, just two days after Turkey launched an incursion against Kurdish militia fighters and Islamic State in Syria.

Binani Yildirim, the Prime Minister of Turkey, said that there is no hesitation saying that the PKK, Kurdistan Workers Party, which has waged a three-decade rebellion for Kurdish autonomy, was accountable for the attack.

On Friday morning, the explosion occurred 50 meter away from Cizre police station area, capital of Sirnak province, which borders Iraq and Syria.

There is no claim of responsibility for the attack. Total 11 police officers and 78 people including 3 civilians are wounded.

In 2015, the ceasefire agreement of two and half years between the government and PKK had ended. Thousands people of both sides died in the conflict after that. Early this month, the car bomb blast in two police stations of eastern Turkey killed 14 people. Just two days ago, Turkey force attacked Syria to kill a member of PKK and Jihadists.

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