“Bond Is Not Eligible To Become A Spy”, Says MI6 Director Alex Younger
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“Bond Is Not Eligible To Become A Spy”, Says MI6 Director Alex Younger


Madness around the character of ‘James Bond’ written by Ian Fleming is never ending. These seven actors have made the role famous, Sean Connery, David Niven, George Lazenby, Roger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan, Daniel Craig. Handsome, intelligent, popular among womwn; these grew interest in people’s mind. British spy agency, MI6 had became popular.

But that James Bond is not eligible to become a spy, Mi6’s Chief Officer Alex Younger said. In Alex’s opinion, “The bond character gave popularuty to MI6. But there’s a lot difference between reel and the reality. Like the fictional character, we do like gadgets. We can give our lives gor the country’s security. But that’s it. Everything else is different. “

He added, “In reality, James Bond wouldn’t get a chance to work in our organization. He has to find another way for livelihood.”

British spy agency, ‘MI6’ was established on 1909. Alex Younger is the sixteenth Chief Director of the agency. During World War II, he took part in the battle under the Navy head John Henry Godfrey. Fleming implemented the company’s Chief Director ‘M’ character inspired by him. However, Henry Godfrey expressed dissatisfaction. The Chief Director of the organization is called ‘C’. ‘C’ is the only person of the agency, that can be identified publicly.

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