Brazil Shows The World How To Throw A Big Party With A Low Budget
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Brazil Shows The World How To Throw A Big Party With A Low Budget


So Brazil did it. What a wonderful opening ceremony! Who said you need lots of money to arrange a marvelous ceremony like this which one cannot forget for ages. With just a budget which the organizers said 12 times less than London and 20 times less than Beijing Olympics.

fireworks at stadium

There were many speculations and doubt if Brazil could give the world a glorious opening ceremony as the nation has faced many troubles. Forget all the economical instability, corruption and whatever negative words had used earlier for Brazil. The nation proved despite all the problems they have that potential to organize the huge events.

opening ceremony

So what’s the speciality in Rio opening ceremony?

Renowned Brazilian filmmakers Fernando Meirelles and Daniela Thomas directed the opening ceremony.

The lighting, laser presentation, fireworks all were perfect.  Brazilians have not forgotten their roots. They depicted their story with the use of laser lightings, innovative patterns. From the arrival of Portuguese and their invasion of the native population to the use of African slaves for 400 years they told the story in front of three billion people.

brazil history

Brazilian history

Before the entry of the 11,000 athletes who will compete in the Games, Brazil gave a serious message about climate change and the massive deforestation of Amazon. Brazil is the home of world’s largest forest, Amazon they gave importance on environment. The significance of tree and seed plantation, the global conscience was portrayed amazingly.

Actresses Fernanda Montenegro and Judi Dench recited a classic poem about hope for the future. It was said to the athletes to plant seeds that will grow into trees.

Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen walked across the stadium with the Bossa Nova hit song “Girl From Ipanema”. The samba songwriter Paulinho da Viola sang the national anthem with a string orchestra. And everyone performed for free.

gisele bundchen

Brazil celebrated the pioneer of aviation Alberto Santos Dumont; in the opening ceremony a plane was showed taking off from the stadium and flying over the modern day Rio.


But every moment was not so joyful, when Russian team entered a low murmur of taunts echoed in the stadium. Muted cheers came from approximately 60,000 people. No team was welcomed so harshly as Russia.

russian team

The 10 member refugee team got more applause and cheering than all time favorite United States Delegation. And the host country Brazil obviously got more loud cheers.

The dancing arrow people were also entertaining. But the best thing about the ceremony is how Brazil embraced the light and splashes of colour.

After the colourful and so nicely presented ceremony the event was officially commenced with an amazing display of fireworks that starts with the lightning of the huge Olympic cauldron which was lit by Brazilian marathon runner Vanderlei De Lima.


With the perfect use of video, lighting effects, singing, dancing and colours Brazil showed the world how to throw a big party with low budget comparing to London and Beijing Olympics.


rio fireworks

brazil team

indian team

cauldron firework

The opening was great and hopefully the entire event will be as great as the ceremony.

It’s time to say let the games begin…

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