Video Showing College Students Bunking Classes and Smoking Weeds
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Bunking College Classes To Consume Weeds (Video), Is It Not Depreciating The Value Of Education In Colleges?

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If someone raises a question about the education system in Kolkata colleges the answer which one can get “Education in Kolkata colleges! No hope.” (in a satirical tone). Political clashes in the colleges is nothing new. Professors are beaten, colleges shut for undeclared days these are common in present days. This is a main reason for falling education system in the colleges. Other than that, weed consuming in colleges also ruining a student’s life and the education but no one bothers on this subject as in college life weed consuming is normal like smoking. Ex: Shobhabazar ghat where college students smoking weeds without any obstruction.

Beside education, ‘masti’, ‘adda’, hangout with friends, smoking, drinking, college fests, programmes these all are parts of college life. Without that, one’s college days would be boring and dull. In college life education and fun both are living with each other.

But if someone only gives the priority to their personal fun and pleasure then from that period the destruction of education has started.

When I was in college I have witnessed many such things which annoyed me but I didn’t have words to protest anything because those ‘annoying matters’ were as normal as anything even today and also there were political hands behind that.

After my college, I had to return by launch and whenever the auto passed in front of Shobhabazar Ghat I saw some college students (some of the faces were known to me) from Jaipuria, Manindra etc (later a source confirmed me) were sitting and smoked weeds. After the college time that would be ok as they found their refreshment in weeds. In that point there’s no point of objection.

But the ridiculous thing when I came to know the ‘weed smoking adda’ has started at around 2:30 or 3 pm and the students bunked their classes to go there. After the end of the year they got either very poor marks or got suppli.

People blamed the politics inside the colleges but they often ignored these small things.

Many years after my college, I found the same weed smoking adda in the same place (Shobhabazar ghat), at the same time (at around 3:30 pm) . Yes the faces might have been changed but the weed smoking at the time of college classes is still continuing in the same manner. Also there are some men present in the ghat who arrange the weeds for the students and it’s a regular thing.

Kolkata College Student Making Weed at Sobhabazar Ghat
Kolkata College Student Making Weed at Sobhabazar Ghat

I am not here to moral policing but some wrong things irritating us. If someone smoking weed at the bank of Ganges or not that’s entirely their personal matter. At the end of the college, at the break, at the off periods they can get many times to please their soul by smoking weeds. But why does a student bunk their classes to smoke weeds? Is that fair? Does it not hamper college education as like politics?

However, according to 1986 narcotic laws, consuming weeds is illegal in India and some sources informed most of the students at the Shobhabazar ghat are from students’ union. So, a political background is also there that no one can say anything to them.

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