Carpenter Murdered His First Wife, Sleeps With The Body For 3 Days And Then Chopped It Into Pieces
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Carpenter Murdered His First Wife, Sleeps With The Body For 3 Days And Then Chopped It Into Pieces


In a shocking incident that came to light on the Valentine’s Day, a 40-year-old man allegedly killed her by slitting her throat. He then beheaded her and cut the body into pieces with a saw, hung the head from a peg in his room, lived with the mutilated body for over two days, till the neighbors complained of a foul smell to the police.

The incident came to light on Tuesday morning when Subodh Kumar’s neighbours enquired about the putrid smell emanating from his rented flat in east Delhi’s Madhu Vihar locality and then informed the police.

The accused, Subodh Kumar, 40, had apparently slept with his dead wife by his side for three days before buying a saw on Tuesday and cutting up the body to dump it somewhere.

It has also been revealed that the man himself had married another woman, Munia. Manisha, 35, was his first wife. He used to live with Manisha and their two daughters, aged 9 and 12. Neighbor said that Kumar and Manisha used to argue over several issues often, including his severe drug addiction and alcoholism. They used to fight regularly over his affair with another woman.

“We had often found them fighting and Subodh often thrashed Manisha and his daughters,” said Aarti, a neighbor.

“When we questioned Subodh on Tuesday, he told us he had killed his wife and kept the body in the house. He then asked us to stay away from his personal problems and went back into the house,” a neighbor said. It was then that the residents decided to call the police.

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Kumar who worked as a carpenter, was arrested by the police. The accused was planning to flee when he was nabbed by the cops. During interrogation, Kumar confessed to having married a second time six months ago, just before shifting to the flat. Munia had moved into a room adjacent to the house.

 Two days before the murder, he had sent the daughters to his inlaws’ house in Ranchi, indicating that he was planning the crime for some time. An officer said, “He had planned the crime a week ago and sent his two daughters to their maternal uncle’s home in Uttar Pradesh.”

Police said Manisha had come to know about the marriage and had told Kumar she wanted a divorce. He said to the police that he deliberately picked up a fight with his wife on Saturday night and thrashed her and slit her throat with an iron blade.

The body was sent for an autopsy at the Lal Bahadur Shastri hospital. Police will contact Kumar’s second wife Munia to see if she was involved in the murder plan. DCP east, Omvir Singh said that the police had registered a case of murder and attempt to destroy evidence against Subodh.

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