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Factors Redefining Luxury Housing in Bengal

Factors redefining lixury hotels in bengal

Luxury housing has reached great heights in Bengal. This is epitomized by the fact that many people from the middle class have begun investing in luxury housing in West Bengal. Being the capital, most of these luxury housing projects are located in Kolkata. Kolkata is truly the City of Joy. Once the Second City of

Now You Can Buy Private Plane At The Price Of Car


Nowadays, Lamborghini is often seen in the street of Kolkata. This Italian four-wheeled car is priced at around five crore rupees in Indian market. Now you can buy an airplane with the same price in Kolkata. Amit Modi, a businessman in the city, said, “Think it! Private aircraft with the same

Man Jumps Off To Death After His Wife Gets Detected With Cancer


A 52-year-old man committed suicide by jumping from the terrace of a three-storied Regent Park residential complex in South Kolkata on Monday morning. He lived there with his wife at N.N. Dutta Road area under Regent Park Police Station. Cops suspected, Sanjay Mandal, a security guard, acted out of desperation as

Female Mogli Was Rescued From The Forest!


Everybody knows the story of Mowgli and Tarzan. Both were brought up by forest animals. The story's fantasy became reality. Police rescued 8-year-old girl from a bunch of monkeys. The incident took place at Baharaice. The girl’s behavior is not like the normal human but she behaves like the way animal