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Artificial Eggs Made Of Plastic Sold In Kolkata Market!


In what could be termed as a case of food scandal and posing serious health risks to consumers, ‘artificial eggs’ made out of plastic have been found selling in the markets of Kolkata. This has led to the Kolkata Municipal Corporation to order an investigation into it. The sale of dangerous

Our Whole State To Become A Free Wifi Zone Sooner!


Park Street was declared free wifi zone earlier. Therefore, wifi zone has been extended from Newtown to Digha, from different college-university to the Assembly. Now state government is planning to bring the whole state under the wifi zone. Kerala government has already planned to make their state a wifi zone. The

Bengal BJP Chief Dilip Ghosh Said, “People Like Amartya Sen Spineless, Can Be bought Or Sold,” Sen said, “No Objection To The Criticism.”


West Bengal BJP President Dilip Ghosh on Saturday drew all-round flak for making a vitriolic personal attack on Nobel laureate and Bharat Ratna awardee Amartya Sen and casting aspersions on his achievements, contribution and character. Speaking at a function, Ghosh - known for repeatedly putting his foot in the mouth -

Who Does Biswa Bangla Belong To? Nephew Of Mamata Banerjee?


Nowadays, you all must have noticed Biswa Bangla store almost everywhere in Kolkata. You may know what Biswa Bangla is; still I am giving you the introduction for the people, who haven’t known about it yet. Biswa Bangla is an initiative to promote the state's dying arts and crafts. With brand