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Pakistan Releases Ex-Taliban Spokesperson’s Video, Claims India Has A Role In Terror Funding


A top Tehreeke-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) member in a video alleged Afghan and Indian intelligence agencies gave funds to Pakistani Taliban militants to fight Islamabad. The video released by the Pakistan army on Wednesday. Last week, the terrorist group’s spokesperson surrendered to Islamabad. The video showed the militant Ehsanullah Ehsan confessed that

3rd World War Is In The Month Ahead!


There are only a few days to go for 3rd World War. Third World War will start from May 13, 2017. The claim was given by the resident of Texas in America, self-proclaimed "angel of God", Horachio Vegas. He claimed that the World War will continue for five months. And

2 Homosexuals Get Married In Nigeria


Marriage among homosexual is forbidden in Nigeria. But two Nigerian homosexuals get married by showing a finger to the law. More than 53 homosexuals were also appeared on the wedding ceremony. That made the country frustrated. Police have arrested the two just after knowing the incident. As usual, the two

8-year-old Child Drives Car By Watching YouTube Video


It was 8 pm at night. His parents were sleeping. The 8-year-old took the opportunity and drive one and a half kilometer with his 4-year-old sister to eat in MacDonald’s. When the incident came to light, people’s eyebrows were on the forehead. The incident took place in United States’ Ohao. However,

Kulbhushan Jadhav’s Death Sentence: Baloch leaders Condemn Pakistan For Their “Inhuman” Act

baloch condemns pakistan

Baloch leaders have condemned Pakistan’s decision on Thursday for giving death sentence to Indian citizen Kulbhushan Jadhav. The leaders termed the sentence as “inhuman” and “illegal”. Baloch Republican Party (BRP) member Ashraf Sherjan told the news agency ANI that Pakistan is actually committing a crime by sentencing Jadhav to death. He

Chechnya Opens World’s First Concentration Camp For Homosexuals Where The Gay Men Are Beaten To Death

concentration camp

We all know the horrific history of Hitler’s concentration camp. The dreadful incidents give us goosebumps. But many don’t know the world’s another concentration camp which is no less terrible than Hitler’s. Chechnya concentration camp is for the homosexuals. The campaigners say the gay men are tortured here with electric shocks