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What is a histogram?

A histogram is a graph that shows how often data is distributed. It can be used to illustrate the frequency of data values within a given range. Histograms can be used to measure the center, spread, and shape of a distribution. It is an important tool for businesses, organizations, and

NASA Develops 3D-Printed Fabrics For Use In Space


A team of scientists at NASA has blended the essence of fashion and engineering to produce a new fabric to use in space. The 3D-printed metal fabric could be used as a shield for spacecraft from meteorites, astronaut spacesuit, capturing objects on the surface of another planet and also as an

Now New Wristband Can Diagnose Diabetes, Crystic Fibrosis From Your Sweat

sweat sensor device

Scientists have developed a new wristband which can diagnose diabetes, crystic fibrosis from your sweat. It is basically a sweat sensor wristband. The band collects sweat then measures its molecular constituents and finally electronically transmits the results for analysis and diagnosis through a smartphone. In collaboration with the University of California-Berkeley, the