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Like Magic!

A renowned veteran artist was sitting in the big office room of an internationally reputed person, facing him across the large table to the left of the artist was sitting an young man. The young man requested the artist to draw a scetch of him. Taking an A4 size paper

Harry Houdini and Bobby

The name Harry Houdini is written in golden letters in the history of magic for his enumerable daring outdoor stunts and enriched magical performances. But how many remembers wondrous magical performances by Houdini's trained dog Bobby (trained by Houdini himself)? Well bobby, was trained by Houdini to escape from ropes, handcuffs(miniature

Harry Houdini Failed ‘To Escape’

Sir Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini, the greatest Escape Artist ever born, was travelling by car with his very close friend, talented amature magician, magical creator, W. B. Gibson (who later on wrote the classic book, 'Houdini on Magic' along with Morris N. Young). Houdini was going on telling about many escape challenges he