Out Of The Celluloid, Boss Is Back With A Bang!!!
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Out Of The Celluloid, Boss Is Back With A Bang!


Just as the Bengali film, ‘Boss’. As the film explains how you can be a great head! The thought was reeling on the head of the recently Madhyamik passed boy. Then the gang was made. The name was given as the the film, ‘Surya Export and Import’. If you caught them after saying their real name! So then comes the pseudonym. Leader name was given ‘Surya’ and others are ‘Black’, ‘Danny’, ‘Keke’, ‘Hira’, ‘Dwip’.

Like the film, the hero collects vandalism tax from the rich businessmen of Mumbai by threatening them, this gang also chose local rich people. Thereafter, they tried to collect money by calling or messaging. They claimed % to 10 lakhs from them.

arrested students
source: Anandabazar

The gang was running smoothly in filmy style. But all the six students were arrested on Saturday, Danny and Surya from Nakashipara, Hira, Keke and Dwip from Debgram, and finally Black from Kaligunj. On Sunday they were taken to Krishnanagar ACJm court and the judge ordered to keep them in Home. Today they will be taken to the Juvenile court.

Recently, some calls were coming for money to Debgram residents such as Gourav Saha, a jewellery shop owner. He said, “From 2 to 11 different kinds of threatening messages was sent from a mobile ph number. 5 lakhs were sought. At first I thought someone known to crack a joke. But later learn, a teacher in the same way in our neighborhood being threatened by Phone SMS.” Thereafter on the second week of July he went to Debgram police station and written complaint.

Abdur Rahim Mollah, english teacher of Debagram Vivekananda Vidyabhavan had gotten the call as well. He said, “If we won’t left the money on the said place my son will be kidnapped. So we were scared.”

Therefore the police started investigation. The students were arrested at Saturday night. They are students of class XI and five among them are studying science, and the other is doing vocational course. In the time of the interrogation they said that after watching the Jeet starring film ‘Boss’ they decided to make a gang like that. They had also the name ‘rose gang’. Either with the name of ‘Surya Export and Import’ or the name of ‘Rose gang’ they scared people. They demanded large sums of money or sometimes Iphone as well with threat, either follow their demand or they will kidnap or kill.

blue print
Blue print of Black kidnap,Source: Anandabazar

Police reported that Surya and Danny were the gang leader. One of them is the son of ASI, one is the son of businessman, and one is the close relative of lawyer. They said to police that they planned of this gang to fulfill their wish to have expensive motorbike, Iphones. Police said that Black was planning of extorting money from his own father. In that case, his friends will kidnap him and then they will collect ransom. The black kidnapping blue print is now in the hand of police. In addition to, two mobile phones and one unauthorized sim card has been recovered.

It’s still not clear that if any one of the time they had success. Locals said that though this was a new kind of work, they were addicted to different kind of drugs for a long time. But collecting money by death threat, Surya’s friends are still can’t believe this.

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