Godwoman Sadhvi Deva Thakur Surrenders; Claims Herself Innocent
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Chandigarh Shooting Spree: Godwoman Sadhvi Deva Thakur Surrenders; Claims Herself Innocent

sadhvi deva thakur

Gun-loving, self-proclaimed godwoman Sadhvi Deva Thakur surrendered herself to the police on Friday. The godwoman and her associates were booked for killing a woman and injuring four others during a wedding in Chandigarh.

She along with six to seven persons was invited at the wedding at Savitrii Marriage Palace in Karnal town last week. They all carried arms. She and her associated began shooting spree which killed a woman, the groom’s aunt Sunita Rani. As soon as the victim collapsed Sadhvi and her guards fled from the spot.

The manager of the venue, Sumit Bhatia said “As soon as the firing started, we called the police as this is not allowed. In the meantime, the pistol of one of them got stuck. While rectifying it, a shot was fired causing injuries to those present.”

She was produced before a magistrate. Reports said that Thakur claimed herself innocent and said it was a conspiracy against her. “I am innocent, I need urgent medical attention, it’s a conspiracy against me, there were other people who were firing.”

SHO of Karnal city police station, Inspector Mohan Lal said that Sadhvi told, they has six licensed weapons and also her brother has a licensed weapon.

The SHO said they are investigating the case. He informed that the godwoman has an ashram at Brass village in Karnal. Police have been continuing their raids at the village to arrest her absconding associates.

In the video footage, it was shown that the so-called godwoman and her aids firing several shots in the air. They allegedly shot at the crowded dance floor which left the woman dead and the groom’s three other relatives injured.

Her guards in the video are still missing. Kernal police raided at many places but did not able to arrest them. Senior district police officials stated special teams have been sent to various places to catch them.

Police sealed her ashram and two of her luxury vehicles have been seized.

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