The Cheat Sheet: Controversies And Scandals Of Donald Trump
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The Cheat Sheet: Controversies And Scandals Of Donald Trump

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Donald Trump has been the child of controversy and scandals. He can’t stay away from them for much of time. It just comes to him one after another. We’ve got 10 of his controversies or scandals, you might not knew about. Here we go;

Trump’s party with Drugs, teenage girls and sex workers

donald with girls

An US website claimed that in past years Trump had arranged a lot of sex parties, where drugs such as cocaine had a spacious arrangement. Rising models and sex workers were brought to those parties to delight the guests. There were teenage girls also for some deformed minded guests.

From 1988 until 1995, the parties used to occur at Manhattan’s luxury ‘Hotel Plaza’, which was owned by Trump. The information has been leaked by two then stuff of the hotel. One of them used to do the job of organizing the proper drinks, and the other took pictures of Trump with his beautiful guests.

Former US model Gary Lusesi’s comment proved that the allegations are not at all baseless. She said, “Everyone used to wait for Trump’s party. You could get the company of the best beauty if you visit there. I saw teenage girls even. But I always kept distance from drugs and girls.”

Trump video controversy


Two days before the second presidential debate, a 2005 recording surfaced, made on a studio bus while preparing to film an episode of Access Hollywood. On the tape Trump is heard discussing women with the show’s then-co host Billy Bush. The Washington Post released the video in which Trump boasts of sexually assaulting women on October 7. “You know I’m automatically attracted to beautiful—I just start kissing them,” Trump said. “It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star they let you do it. You can do anything.” He added, “Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

The video produced a wave of revulsion, and many Republicans denounced him, with some withdrawing support. Trump ‘s language was described by the media as “vulgar” and “sexist”.

Sexually assaulting women


There’s a long line of allegation against Trump. He spoke of his efforts to seduce a married woman, saying he “moved on her very heavily.” The incident prompted Trump to make his first public apology during the campaign, and caused outrage across the political spectrum, with many Republicans withdrawing their endorsements of his candidacy and some urging him to quit the race.

Jill Harth says Trump assaulted her in the 1990s. Former Miss Utah Temple Taggart said he kissed her on the lips inappropriately. After the video came to front, more women came forward with sexual allegation against him. Two women told The New York Times that Trump had assaulted them, one saying he tried to put his hand up her skirt on a flight in the 1970s and another saying he forcibly kissed her. A Florida woman says Trump groped her. A former ‘People’ reporter recounted an alleged assault at his Mar-a-Lago debate, and says he told her, “You know we’re going to have an affair, don’t you?”

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Several former teen pageant contestants said Trump walked in on them while they were naked or partially dressed. Trump also faces a lawsuit rom a Jane Doe who alleges that Trump raped her at age 13 at a party hosted by convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein in 1994. In a bizarre 1992 clip, Trump says of a 10-year-old visiting Trump Tower, “I am going to be dating her in 10 years. Can you believe it?”

Trump denies all of the allegations. Trump has demanded a retraction from the Times, and has threatened to sue several outlets. The paper, in a letter, refused.

The beauty pageant scandals

beauty pageant

After years of attending beauty pageants, he decided he wanted to get in on the business himself, meeting with George Houraney and Jill Harth, a couple that ran the American Dream pageant. Harth and Houraney alleged that Trump started making passes at her almost immediately. On one occasion, Trump allegedly asked them to bring some models to a party. Harth alleges Trump groped her at the party. Another model said she heard him saying “all women are bimbos” and most “gold diggers.” Trump reportedly joined another model in bed, uninvited, late at night. On other occasions, he forced Harth into bedrooms and made passes at her. Harth sued Trump, alleging sexual misbehavior, while the couple together sued him for breach of contract. In the suit, they also alleged that Trump had kept black women out of the pageant.

The couple settled with Trump for an unannounced sum, and Harth dropped her suit. Trump has denied all the allegations.

The six bankruptcies


Although Trump has never filed for personal bankruptcy, hotel and casino businesses of his have been declared bankrupt six times between 1991 and 2009 due to its inability to meet required payments and to re-negotiate debt with banks, owners of stock and bonds and various small businesses. Because the businesses used Chapter 11 bankruptcy, they were allowed to operate while negotiations proceeded. Trump was quoted by Newsweek in 2011 saying, “I do play with the bankruptcy laws—they’re very good for me.”

The six bankruptcies were the result of over-leveraged hotel and casino businesses in Atlantic City and New York: Trump Taj Mahal (1991), Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino (1992), Plaza Hotel (1992), Trump Castle Hotel and Casino (1992), Trump Hotels and casino Resorts (2004) and Trump Entertainment resort (2009). Trump said “I’ve used the laws of this country to pare debt. … We’ll have the company. We’ll throw it into a chapter. We’ll negotiate with the banks. We’ll make a fantastic deal. You know, it’s like on The Apprentice. It’s not personal. It’s just business.”

Buying his own books


The Daily Beast noticed in FFC filings that the Trump campaign spent more than $55,000 buying his own book Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again. (The book has since been retitled Great Again: How to Fix Our Crippled America for the paperback edition.) That means Trump used donor money to his campaign to buy a book, sending the cash back to himself. Copies were given to delegates at the Republican National Convention.

The maneuver could break FEC rules, campaign expert Paul S. Ryan told the Beast: “It’s fine for a candidate’s book to be purchased by his committee, but it’s impermissible to receive royalties from the publisher… There’s a well established precedent from the FEC that funds from the campaign account can’t end up in your own pocket.”

Mafia links


Trump has been linked to the mafia many times over the years, with varying degrees of closeness. Organized crime controlled the 1980s New York City concrete business, so that anyone building in the city likely brushed up against it. While Trump has portrayed himself as an unwitting participant. There have been a sting of other allegations too. Cohn, Trump’s lawyer, represented the Genovese crime family boss Tony Salerno. Investigative journalist Wayne Barrett also reported a series of transactions involving organized crime, and alleged that Trump paid twice market rate to a mob figure for the land under Trump Plaza in Atlantic City. Michael Isikoff has also reported that Trump was close to Robert LiButti, an associate of John Gotti, inviting him on his yacht and helicopter. In one case, Trump’s company bought LiButti nine luxury cars.

Though Trump has been questioned in court or under oath about the ties, he’s never been convicted of anything.

Alleged marital rape

donald with girls

In 1989, Donald’s first wife, Ivana Trump, stated in a deposition that he had ripped out some of her hair after a plastic scalp surgery. A 1993 book described the alleged attack as a “violent assault,” and says that Ivana later confided to some friends that he had raped her. She said that she felt ‘violated’ and that her husband had raped her. Later, Ivana Trump released a statement saying: “During a deposition given by me in connection with my matrimonial case, I stated that my husband had raped me. [O]n one occasion during 1989, Mr. Trump and I had marital relations in which he behaved very differently toward me than he had during our marriage. As a woman, I felt violated, as the love and tenderness, which he normally exhibited towards me, was absent. I referred to this as a ‘rape,’ but I do not want my words to be interpreted in a literal or criminal sense.”

The accusation, which Donald said was “obviously false”, was withdrawn as part of a settlement agreement. In a July 2016 campaign endorsement, Ivana said her statements were “without merit” and made in a time of “high tension”.

Trump University


It was founded by Donald Trump and his associates, Michael Sexton and Jonathan Spitalny. The company offered courses in real estate, asset management, entrepreneurship, and wealth creation, charging between $1,500 and $35,000 per course. After two notifications by New York State authorities that its use of the word “university” violated state law, the name of the operation was changed to the “Trump Entrepreneurial Institute”.

In 2013 the state of New York filed a $40 million civil suit claiming that Trump University made false claims and defrauded consumers; the lawsuit is ongoing as of 2016. In addition, two class-action civil lawsuits are pending in federal court relating to Trump University; they name Donald Trump personally as well as his companies.

Trump repeatedly criticized a judge, Gonzalo P. Curiel, who is overseeing two of the Trump University cases. During campaign speeches and interviews up until June 2016, Trump called Curiel a “hater of Donald Trump”, saying his rulings have been unfair, and that Curiel “happens to be, we believe, Mexican, which is great. I think that’s fine”, while suggesting that the judge’s ethnicity posed a conflict of interest in light of Trump’s proposal to build a wall on the United States–Mexican border. On June 7, 2016, Trump issued a lengthy statement saying that his criticism of the judge had been “misconstrued” and that his concerns about Curiel’s impartiality were not based upon ethnicity alone, but also upon rulings in the case.

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