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Holy Trinity Church Kolkata

There was once even a dense forest and an unhealthy filthy tank in the locality, where the Holy Trinity Church is now situated at 33B, Raja Rammohan Roy Sarani, opposite to the Vishudhanand Saraswati Marwari Hospital.

Vishudhanand Saraswati Marwari Hospital
Vishudhanand Saraswati Marwari Hospital – opposite of Holy Trinity Church

However, in 1823, a new street was constructed in the area and was named as Amherst Street, which converted the unhealthy swamp into a dry healthy residential area. Adjacent to this site, Archdeacon Corrie laid the foundation stone of the Church which was opened by Rev. Deer in November, 1826. It was the first Church in Bengal in which the Christian worship was conducted in Bengali. The Church was known among the local people as Corrie Church until 1887. Later, the Church came to be popularly known as “Long Saheb-ka Girja” for a long time, due to the fact that the famous Rev. James Long was closely connected with this Chapel and St Paul’s College and School in the adjacent area.

Rev. James Long
Rev. James Long

James Long (1814–1887) was an Anglo-Irish priest of the Anglican Church. Apart from being a missionary to India, he was a humanist, educator, translator and a philanthropist. He resided in the city of Calcutta, from 1840 to 1872 as a member of the Church Mission Society. From 1840 to 1848, he taught at the school for non-Christian students run by the CMS at its premises located on Amherst Street. Dinabandhu Mitra, the author of the famous Bengali play Neel Darpan, was one of his former students at the CMS school.

Clock of Holy Trinity Church
Clock of Holy Trinity Church

There is a big clock on either side of the Holy Trinity Church steeple. In one corner of the rectangle prayer hall is a circular font built of marble, where children are baptized and christened. Elders are baptized on a square font, placed in another corner of the hall.

From its very inception, the Church Missionary Society ran this Church. It was an Anglican Church, before the unification of the Church of North India. The heritage building of the Church was thoroughly repaired and renovates in 2003.

It is interesting to note that Sri Ramakrishna Dev visited this Church along with one of his devotees, Mathura Mohan Biswas, son-in-law of Rani Rashmoni, and advised his followers to visit this “Holy Place”.

Holy Trinity Church during Christmas
Holy Trinity Church during Christmas (Picture By: Orbit Pal)

Location of Holy Trinity Church

Location of Holy Trinity Church

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