Clash On 10 Rupees In Fish Market Injured 50 In Bangladesh
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Clash On 10 Rupees In Fish Market Injured 50 In Bangladesh


A quarrel erupted from the village fish market and it was only for 10 rupees. The trouble with 10 rupees injured nearly 50 people. The incident happened at Chatak sub district’s Jauwa market in Sunamgunj district, Bangladesh.

Locals and police said that the quarrel erupted for ten rupees in Jauwa fish market at Sunday afternoon. In this afternoon market, Samsul Islam of Bagharai village was bargaining for fish with Badashwari village’s fish vender Akhtar Hussein. Akhtar sold fish to the other buyer, Amir Ali, who was willing to pay 10 rupees more than Samsul.

Samsul then angrily began to argue with Akhtar. The broil turned into hassle. The mock of the two villages involved them into the fight after the news spread.

50 people of both sides were injured by stick-brick and brickbats. Chatak police rushed to the spot after being informed and took the situation under control.

21 among the injured in critical condition were admitted to Silette MAG Osmani Medical College. The others were admitted to the local hospital.

Police have been deployed in the market as well as the two villages to avoid another clash between them.

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