Zakir Naik’s Rs 60 Cr From Three Foreign Accounts Under Scanner
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Controversial Preacher Zakir Naik’s Rs 60 Cr From Three Different Foreign Accounts Under Scanner: Mumbai Police Probe

Zakir Naik

More controversy in the Zakir Naik story after police investigation has found Rs. 60 Cr was deposited from three different countries in the last three years. Mumbai police probe investigated that the money was transferred to his family’s five different accounts.

According to police sources, they are finding the actual case of the transaction. Officers cleared that the money was not for Naik’s NGO Islamic Research Foundation but his own. The action against the two NGO’s under the Foreign (Regulation) Contribution Act 2010 is yet to be taken. The Union Home Ministry is enquiring the FCRA violations by IRF Educational Trust and IRF. These both foundations are registered as educational NGOs under FCRA but they received foreign funds for religion linked activities.

Islamic Research Foundation

One of Naik’s close sources said that the money transaction was not illegal and the Income-tax department cleared all the records of IRF till 2015. He also added the money was white and these also helped the country’s foreign exchange to grow.

Mumbai police are also enquiring the accounts of an international school which is run by Naik. A senior IPS officer of Mumbai police alleged during their investigation they unearthed Rs 50 Cr to Rs 60 Cr that have been transferred from Middle Eastern countries and this account belongs to a relative of Naik. Later, they discovered funds were allegedly transferred to the accounts of his wife, children and other family members.

The officer added that they will conduct further investigation to know each and every details of the transaction. They will first record the statements of the bankers and then will enquire the family members.

A representative of the IRF foundation stated they will help to the Mumbai Police and will make all the relevant documents available for the police. He said that he is not aware of the companies held by Naik’s family member but if there are any they will provide the information. When police asked him about the foreign money transfer he said that IRF has received the money from offshore. But he has no idea about the money which was operated by Naik’s relative.

A senior officer asserted that the investigation led them to the four shell companies of IRF that conducted no actual business. These include a solvency company, a construction company, a company manufacturing perfumes and a company dealing in realty.

The officer added the family members of Naik are the directors of the companies. When they went to the address which was registered in Andheri areas and Saki Naka, they found those companies only existed on the papers. The companies do not function from the registered addresses.

The Mumbai police submitted a report prepared by the Special Branch on Monday to the State Home Department. The report charged Naik for his ‘pro-terror’ speeches which influenced the youth to join terror groups. The report also mentioned about the IRF finances and state and central agencies will do the further probe.

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