Which Way West Bengal’s Medical Infrastructure Is Going???
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Corruption In SSKM Hospital: Which Way West Bengal’s Medical Infrastructure Is Going???

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CM Mamata Banerjee some days ago declared to give free medical services in all government hospitals. These obviously helped those poor who were unable for expensive treatment. But do these hospitals really obey the CM’s command??? There is a questionable doubt.

A few days ago the city witnessed the harassment of an innocent doctor, Dhiman Ganguly. He is still behind the bars. And on 24th September Kolkata observed a different story in a renowned city hospital, SSKM widely known as PG hospital.

On Friday, Sheikh Nizamuddin was admitted in OT for angiography. He was also under anesthesia. But some time later he was thrown out of the OT in the anesthetic state and blood dropped from his nerve channel.

So, what happened?? Why he was thrown outside the OT in that condition???

In the time of operation the patient family saw a man named Ramkrishna Patra entered into the OT without any hindrance. They thought he was one of the hospital staffs.

OT’s nurse told the family members to buy a special catheter, ‘pigtail catheter’. But Ramkrishna Patra advocated “we will buy the catheter, give us one thousand”.

After the patient party handed over the money they found out the man came out with the catheter from the store room of the hospital.

It seems awkward that after the CM’s announcement how could a hospital like SSKM charge money for the equipment which was already present in the hospital store room.

The family members raised the same question but in return they got only threat and Ramkrishna stopped the operation and forced the doctors to throw out Sheikh Nizamuddin.

On Saturday, the family complained to the hospital super and after their written complaint the administration took this incident seriously. Ramkrishna Patra who threated the family got arrested on the same day. With him police arrested another accused Souvik Sil.

Syndicate inside the hospital premises

After the incident, a new story of conglomeration between government hospitals and private agencies came into limelight. Because, Ramkrishna was not a staff of the hospital. He is the dealer of a medical equipment supplier agency ‘Om Medical’. His companion Souvik Sil is a dealer from JB Healthcare. The two claimed that they are the owner of those two medical equipment supply agencies.

According to a source of the hospital, for the last seven to eight years they dominated in the SSKM’s cath lab.

But there is a question, how these two outsiders got the power to influence doctors so much that they canceled the operation and then expelled the unconscious patient out of the operating theater?

The syndicate business inside a well known hospital raised the brows and it’s a matter of concern.

Statement of the patient family

The patient Sheikh Nizamuddin (35) was from Murshidabad’s Koitha village. He was admitted in the chest unit from 17th September. Nizamuddin was tested rare tumor in his lungs for which blood was not circulating properly. So, he was taken for angiography on Saturday.

Nizamuddin’s brother Samanullah stated that the operation time was 3 pm but he was taken to the OT at around 7:30 pm. On that time a nursed said the need of the pigtail catheter.

Doctor’s written instruction for angiography can not be done | Source: Anandabazar Patrika

He said, “The man (Ramkrishna) who is with the doctors come out from the OT and says we will buy the catheter. Give me one thousand. But after the money is given we see he comes out from the store room with the catheter.”

He claimed that after they threw out his brother from OT they even didn’t take the responsibility to return him to his bed. Nizamuddin’s relatives themselves push his trolley to his bed number 15.

Interestingly, the head of the cardiology unit, Dr. Dhurjyoti Prasad Sinha who was also in charge of Nizamuddin’s angiography confessed the whole incident to the hospital administration.

The doctor said that he knew everything about the presence of those two dealers in the cath lab, the storage of their equipments and illegally sold it to the patient’s family.

But when Dr. Sinha was questioned he presented his logic, “In some cases we see some medical equipments are not present at the place after the operation has started. So, the two dealers of the agencies was present at the cath lab for the sake of the patients. Hurriedly, they brought the equipments.”

But is it authentic to give the permission for the private agency personnel to enter into the OT? In which logic they kept their instruments in the hospital store?

In that case Dr. Sinha has his answer, “Their presence befit many persons. Now the question has arisen so we will not allow them again.”

According to CM, the patients should get the equipments free of charge. In case if the required instruments are not present in the hospital and it’s needed to be sourced from outside, then the hospital administration themselves should pay the bill. Dr. Dhurjyoti Prasad stated that he was not aware about such regulations and next time this mistake will not be repeated.

When it was asked about their entry into the OT then he said the matter will be investigated and the money was returned to the family members.

Ramkrishma and Souvik admitted their crime and said it was mistake, will not repeat again. They were arrested and sent to Bhawanipore police station. Police sources said that the two accused named some doctors who had link with this.

What the State Minister said

The state minister and the Chairman of the Patient Welfare Committee of SSKM, Arup Biswas said, “This type of incident will neve r be tolerated again in SSKM. We will see it to the end”.

After the patient family complained on Saturday then the ‘Sastho Bhaban’ and Arup Biswas who was with the CM in her Kalimpong trip got aware about the news. As soon as he got the news he asked the Super to investigate the complaint and the Super Karobi Boral started the investigation.

The hospital committee made a complaint against the two accused and after the end of the investigation they assured an appropriate action against the guilty doctor.

These unlawful things inside a hospital can’t be accepted. The worst is, doctors indulges the dealers to continue their business inside a hospital.

This is a satire, where a city’s renowned doctor was framed in false charge by a patient and on the other hand, a patient was a subject of harassment because of some doctors’ involvement in illegal trade.

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