Delhi School Asks Class 10 Rape Survivor Not To Attend Class, DCW Issues Notice
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Delhi School Asks Class 10 Rape Survivor Not To Attend Class, DCW Issues Notice


The Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) has shot a notice to the education department after a private school allegedly denied admission to a minor rape survivor.

Her parents alleged that the school has asked the girl not to attend the school fearing that it would spoil the institution’s image. The school insisted that the girl would be promoted to class 11 if she didn’t attend the classes, reports said. The parents said that the school has refused her the option of using the school bus service that was earlier being availed by the girl.

She is being punished for no fault of hers. The incident has uncovered the real face of the society and has thrown light to the ordeal that a rape survivor is forced to go through.

Parents of the girl say that their girl, who was studying in the same school, was allegedly kidnapped, raped and thrown out of a moving car a few months ago (when she was in class X). They have approached the Delhi Commission for Women for help.


DCW has issued a notice to the Directorate of Education (DoE) seeking an explanation on the complaint filed by the parents.

“The school has told the parents that the administration would not take responsibility for the safety of the girl and she will not be able to use the school bus like earlier if she accepts the condition and takes admission,” DCW chief Swati Maliwal said.

Parents of the victim said that now, they have to pick up and drop off their daughter. They also have accused the school principal of asking them to remove their daughter from this school and enrol her in a new school, as the girl is bringing bad name to the school. The principal has forbidden her friends from sitting next to her. They alleged that the school administration is harassing the girl in various manners so that she quits on her own.

The DCW has asked for the report within five days. “This is a very serious matter. The girl is being punished for no fault of hers and it is a very embarrassing and unacceptable matter in today’s world,” Maliwal said.

DoE officials said they will look into the matter. They did not divulge details saying it might compromise on the identity of the girl. The DCW has directed DOE to submit a report within five days.

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