In This Diwali Kolkata Police To Ban Foreign Firecrackers
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In This Diwali Kolkata Police To Ban Foreign Firecrackers


Say good bye to foreign firecrackers this year- more specifically Chinese crackers. This Diwali several districts across the country has officially banned the use of foreign made firecrackers. And now, in a clear directive from Kolkata police, the sellers in the Baazi Bazars have been asked to avoid selling any foreign crackers. Police have passed nearly 200 odd Indian made firecrackers after testing them at Santoshpur grounds near Taratala. Total 89 types of firecrackers were banned. Manufacture, possession, sale and usage of any explosive containing sulphur or sulphurate in admixture with any chlorate is already banned in the country.

The sound decibels of these Chinese crackers are much higher than those marked on the covers. The Chinese crackers are cheap in cost but high in risk. They are cheaper because of the use of chemicals such as potassium chlorate and perchlorates that are banned in India as they are not safe for the climate here. The worse offender in this section were the Chinese rockets that went up in the sky but created noise well and above all defined norms.

say no to foreign crackers

Coming at a time when the central excise department has been campaigning widely for the banning of foreign crackers and amidst social network pleas and calls to go “desi” this Diwali to show solidarity with the Uri attack martyrs, the Kolkata police initiative is worth mentioning. Though the seller protested against the ban on crackers above 90 decibels, cops said they have clear orders that states no firecrackers above 90 decibels will be allowed.

Chinese firecrackers, in spite of being banned in India, are getting smuggled in vast quantities in India through seaports under false declarations in the name of toys or electronic goods. Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) seized such firecrackers worth Rs 7.2 crore that were stuffed inside cargo containers labelled “Adhesive Tapes” and “Badminton Rackets” at a Mumbai port in August. On Wednesday, DRI officials seized large quantity of Chinese crackers worth Rs 1.27 crore during a raid at Pithampur inland container depot (ICD), Dhar. Smuggled fireworks enter the market only a few days before Diwali and are mostly sold by temporary licence holders.

Now you know, why the foreign fire crackers are not good for you and your family. So stay away from them. Enjoy your Diwali with lots of Indian crackers. We wish you a happy and safe Diwali!

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