Forget About The Rank, You Can Be A Doctor With Your Pocket Full
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Doctor Of Money: Forget About The Rank, You Can Be A Doctor With Your Pocket Full


Though your rank in Joint is below range, you would get the chance for medical if you have the strength of your pocket. Broker says that.

They have been messaging and calling the guardians continuously since the results of state Medical joint and Nit were out this year. They said that it is not impossible to admit in west Bengal or other state medical college regardless of rank in joint-net if they get proper money for the job.

Many guardians reported that one Shyamal Das told them in phone that if they did contact before joint entrance they can get admission in Government College but now only in private college. He claimed that from Kolkata’s KPC to Haldia’s Eyecare dental or Durgapur’s Gouridevi all are in his hands. It’ll take at least six lakhs in KPC, 54-53 lakhs in Haldia and a little less in Gouridevi. His service charge for any medical college is 2 lakhs.

There are many brokers such as ‘Education World’ and ‘Win Career Private Limited’. Admission representative of Education World said that the rank might be 2 lakhs but the cost will be 73 lakhs and 72 lakhs respectively for Haldia and Gouridevi.

Win Career Private Limited outran saying that it wouldn’t matter even you haven’t got any rank you can definitely take admission in any topmost college in the country of your choice. They have full package of 80 lakhs with service charge Rs. 50,000 for MBBS and 25,000 for BDS.

The broker network is active throughout the country such as, Mumbai’s ‘Kind Advice India Private Limited’. Course fee for some renowned private collage is 6-7 lakhs, capitation fee 36 lakhs. Company will take 25% of the spending in cheque and rest is in cash.

One part of health office said that there are demands so brokerage is so effective. The number of there ‘service’ recipient parent are not insignificant. They don’t hesitate to bet their whole life’s savings to fulfill their dream to make their children doctors.

Senior teacher-physicians said, “In this way those who are admitted, the majority of them are of low merit. How would they become doctor?” One govt. physician said, “It is not surprising that many of these will knock on their patient to offset the huge cost.”

Haldia Eyedentical and Gouridevi hospital and research institusion claimed that though their names are being used but they are cautious. KPC’s owner Kalipradip Chaudhary said, “Broker-cycle nuisance is fas been running for several years. We are annoyed. We complained to the police and warned the administration of the college. We can’t tolerate the slightest of them.”

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