Donald Trump Again Speaks Out Against China
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Donald Trump Again Speaks Out Against China


Just after coming to power, US President Donald Trump ordnance towards China. He via twitter accused China of abusing US currency. Trump even claimed, China have been deployed army in South China Sea with any permission of America.

Trump had opposed China even before he was elected as President. And the same tune continues in his throat after being elected.

Trump complaint that additional taxes had been applied on American things in China. They doesn’t ask for permission of America. But why is he so mad at China?

On the very first day of his Presidency, Trump raised his voice against China. Trump had recently received a greeting from the President of Taiwan.

The political relation between China and Taiwan is not a ‘sweet’ one. China is still trying to establish dominance over Taiwan. But the domination have been refused by Taiwan.

It seems China didn’t really like Taiwan’s greeting for Trump. Therefore speculation in political circles began.

US President made clear that China is not in his ‘good book’. China sees the fact as a sign of not experienced.

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