Donald Trump Starts Liking Barack Obama
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Donald Trump Starts Liking Barack Obama


Trump in his campaign of US Presidential Election had said whatever he wanted to about Barack Obama. He even sometimes insinuate him as well. After coming to power, he will sent Hilary Clinton to jail, of which he won applause.

But in reality, after winning he may have got some of his sense back (note the word ‘may’ please). He has got soft tone now.

He said about Obama that he wasn’t sure if he would like Obama. He thought he wouldn’t like him. But he do now after talking with Obama. New US President Trump said in a interview given to The New York Times.

Trump will come to the White House on 20th January. But before that, Trump has been meeting with several Presidents and prominent people.

Obama has also shown courtesy, “Trump is an elected President, we all have to accept it. He, as well as, need to know that he is a President. If he holds what he said in the election campaign, he won’t be able to be the President.” Obama added that he wouldn’t criticize Trump publicly, as long as,he is in the White House.

Trump returns the courtesy. He said Hilary Clinton has nothing to fear. He won’t instruct any investigation against her. He even doesn’t has any intension imprison Clinton.

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